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your Final love letter life insurance video 2

Your Final Love Letter

Deciding, in advance, what happens to you, your loved ones, and your assets when you are not able to decide ...
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your Final love letter life insurance video 1

Greatest Love Product Created by Man

Remember, Life Insurance is a love product. And it’s the only product that can guarantee that what you want to ...
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Win Lose or Tie 1

Win Lose or Tie

The Personal Economic Model® offers almost unlimited conversations for you to use to communicate with your prospects and clients visually.  ...
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Home with Equity is another qualified plan

Your House with Equity is Another Qualified Plan

Everyone knows a 401k or a Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a qualified plan, but a home with equity, even ...
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The Check Story Thumbnail 2

The Check Story to Explain Qualified Plans

Qualified plans do two things: #1 they defer the tax and #2 the tax calculation. I’d like to give you ...
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10 Behaviors of a Trusted Advisor

We can learn a lot about becoming our clients’ Trusted Financial Expert from the book, “The Trusted Advisor” by David ...
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Quick Concept How do you want to live in the future

What do you want your future lifestyle to be like?

When working with clients, you need to make sure they are saving enough to live in the future like they ...
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We are Tankful for You!

Thanksgiving is a great time to let your clients know you appreciate them.  To help our members say thanks to ...
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