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be unique with the pem

Be unique with the Personal Economic Model

One thing that makes the Circle of Wealth® unique is the Personal Economic Model® (PEM for short). By using the ...
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Social Security Early or Late

Should I Take Social Security Early or Late?

When helping your clients plan for retirement, a common question financial advisors hear is “Should I take my social security ...
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fingps promo marketing with four questions

Turn Prospects into Clients and Grow Your Production with Financial GPS

Every person you meet is a prospective new client – do you have something to say that piques their interest making ...
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Proven Sales Process

Double Your Closing Ratio by Following a Proven Sales Process

We know appointments with prospective clients can be the most intimidating thing you experience, especially if you don’t have a ...
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QC Starr

Say it with Conviction!

This one’s big, and it’s all about your mindset. People want to know what you know; they are in your ...
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Home with Equity is another qualified plan

Your House with Equity is Another Qualified Plan

Everyone knows a 401k or a Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a qualified plan, but a home with equity, even ...
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balance your financial ecosystem

Do You Have Balance in Your Financial Ecosystem?

by Jeremy D. Shipp CFP®, CLU®, RICP® I saw a story over the summer that highlighted the importance of balance ...
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Win Lose or Tie 1

Win Lose or Tie

The Personal Economic Model® offers almost unlimited conversations for you to use to communicate with your prospects and clients visually.  ...
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