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balance your financial ecosystem

Do You Have Balance in Your Financial Ecosystem?

by Jeremy D. Shipp CFP®, CLU®, RICP® I saw a story over the summer that highlighted the importance of balance ...
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invest in yourself

Invest in Yourself

The National Mentor campaign started in 2002 and aims to raise awareness about the need for more Mentors and to ...
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Financial Advisors Help with Mediacare

The Importance of Updating Your Beneficiaries

When the end of the year approaches, many advisors plan their client annual reviews. When was the last time you ...
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pandemic transformed client advisor meetings

How the Pandemic Transformed Client-Advisor Meetings

Whether performed quarterly, semi-annually or annually, one of the most important meetings you will have with your client, next to ...
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Advisors Help with Medicare

Financial Advisors Help With Medicare?

Open enrollment for Medicare begins on October 15th, and healthcare is on everyone’s mind. For your clients turning 65, they ...
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Dear Stress, Let;s Break Up

Dear stress, Let’s break up…

We are constantly facing inflation worries, economic concerns, and more. Research has found that the human brain is uniquely vulnerable ...
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opportunity cost

Getting it wrong? [Opportunity Cost or Opportunity Lost]

How much opportunity cost can your client afford to lose before they are in trouble? Let’s discuss Economists use the ...
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Inflation Worries

Inflation Worries?

How worried should your clients be about inflation? Consider this. For years the core inflation rate has not varied while ...
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