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stock market

How to Handle the ​​​​​​​Stock Market’s Unpredictability

We all know the stock market can be unpredictable.  After the sudden drop the last couple of weeks due to the Coronavirus, …

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Finance 101

Finance 101

You finance everything you buy.  You either borrow from a lender and pay interest or you save interest by paying …

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Pros & Cons: Saving for Retirement in a Qualified Plan

I think it’s better to pay taxes on your retirement savings while you are working, than to pay later when …

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formula one

Having Access to Capital Might Change Your Life … Just Ask 3X Formula One Champion Niki Lauda

After success in the lower categories, Lauda bought his way into Formula One in 1971, against the wishes of his …

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rate of return

Even Warren Buffet Agrees … Access to Capital is More Important than Rate of Return

A recent Yahoo Finance article stated that Warren Buffett would prefer access to capital so he can take advantage of …

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what do you do

How Do You Answer the Question, “What do you do?”

One of the most important questions you will ever be asked is “What do you do?” And hopefully your answer …

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Why havent I heard this before

How to answer the question, Why haven’t I heard this before?

Have you ever been in a meeting with a prospect or a client and after you’ve given them some great advice, …

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Qualified plan

5 Reasons why a QP might not be a good account to have in retirement

Many financial advisors encourage their saver clients to contribute to their company’s qualified plan, at least enough to receive the …

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