Advisor Stories

The proof is in the stories... our members aren’t shy when it comes to how much Circle of Wealth® has improved their strategies and client success.

How Does the Software Bring It Together?

“Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with a variety of different software, and I have yet to find software that's as inclusive and easy to understand.”
Beth French,
Financial Advisor

Why Do the 10 Steps Work?

“What is really great about the 10 step circle of wealth process is that it's repeatable. It makes sure the advisor always knows where they're at with their client, what they should be doing then, and what they should be doing next.”
Jeremy Shipp,
Financial Advisor
“You know, I've been in business 32 years, and I didn't discover circle of wealth until 18 years in the business, and it introduced ideas and concepts that I had never been exposed to anywhere else. And it has taken my practice to another level. I'd probably say my practice has grown tenfold since I started using Circle of Wealth® concepts. So it's a total game changer for me.”
Sander Smith,
Financial Advisor
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How Have You Seen the Software Evolve?

“What I really like the most about how it's changed or been updated is the fact that it's now all cloud based. And I can access the clients, the conversations from my phone, from my desktop, at the office to my laptop to my surface. Any of those things and everything just automatically syncs.”
Starr Barnum,
Financial Advisor

Describe the Community’s Philosophy...

“I would describe it as open, a lot of ideas, different approaches and a learning community. The fact is that there's always something new to learn, and I really like the idea that we put the client first.”
Jeff Woodard,
Financial Advisor
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