The Circle of Wealth® by MoneyTrax has helped thousands of financial advisors better serve their clients by providing the tools and training necessary to educate and increase their client’s financial circle of wealth.  We operate under the philosophy that there is potentially more financial opportunity by avoiding the losses than there may be by picking the winners.  

What is the Circle of Wealth®?

The Circle of Wealth® is advisor coaching, training, & presentation software along with a 10-step client process to follow with resources to support you at every step.

What to say … simple and engaging conversations you can have with your prospects and clients to simplify financial concepts 

What to show your clients and prospects so they will be able to “see” what you know, not just “hear” what you say

What process to follow to ensure your clients and prospects are engaged and educated about their financial decisions

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MoneyTrax, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Don Blanton and has gained national recognition for its unique planning process and easy-to-use client-focused financial software known as the Circle of Wealth® system. While there are many software and communication tools written for the financial professional, there is little available in the financial services industry written from the client’s perspective. [Learn More…]
The Circle of Wealth® is a system that significantly improves the level and quality of communication between financial advisors and their clients. The system is a proven combination of a 10-step client consultation process and an extensive suite of supporting software applications. [Learn More…]

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