MoneyTrax offers extensive training and support for Circle of Wealth®.  Included with the system is a significant amount of training in both understanding the functionality of the dynamic client presentations, and understanding the proven advisor scripting that communicates the impactful lessons on each and every screen.   You have everything you need at your fingertips in order to take full advantage of this comprehensive system.

Circle of Wealth® training included in the system:

Production Accelerator Course: Online, instructor-led program to help you learn and successfully implement the  Circle of Wealth® system into your practice.  Course includes a recordings archive for new members wanting to learn at a faster pace

Kick-start Program: Two-day, face-to-face training in Atlanta, GA where you will learn the complete Circle of Wealth® client process and see all of the core presentations demonstrated.

New Member Orientation: Video series to learn what’s included with your subscription, overview of the client process to follow and direction on where to find the additional training resources.PIC for Webinars 2

Self-Study Training Videos: Video training available online to learn on your own the system, client process and presentations.

On-Screen Help & Training: Screen by screen embedded textual files, audio recordings and video recordings describing the functionality and advisor scripting.  Learn as you go or get a quick refresher of the presentation you are about to give right before you meet with the client.

Dedicated Phone Support: Included with your membership is live customer support provided by our highly trained and dedicated in-house staff.

handshake (2)Access to the Joint Work Network: The MoneyTrax community represents hundreds of the industry’s top 1% of producers. Our Joint Work Program is a special network made up of these producers who have also completed several certification programs MoneyTrax offers. They must complete and become a certified MoneyTrax Mentor and demonstrate a passion to give back to the industry and serve others above themselves. As a Circle of Wealth® system owner, you will have access to this exclusive list of top industry talent that is willing to help you.  The Joint Work Program is a referral program to do joint case work. It should be expected that support accessed through this network would be compensated by the sharing of commissions.

PRO Level Member training resources included in your first year:

Training from the Top Webinars: Throughout the year, a professional MoneyTrax trainer hosts interactive webinars discussing practical and effective uses of Circle of Wealth®.

Client Case Study Webinars: Each quarter a practicing licensed advisor walks through a personal client consultation over two sessions and demonstrates how they used the Circle of Wealth® system to benefit their client’s financial situationcow tales cd

COW Tales: 120+ audio stories by founder Don Blanton of the Circle of Wealth® client conversations.

TakeNote: A standalone application integrated into the Circle of Wealth® system that makes client note taking easy!

Advanced Training Opportunities:

pemMoneyTrax offers advanced training courses which supplement the Circle of Wealth® system embedded training.  These courses help advisors reach advanced and mastery skill levels in working with their clients to achieve their financial goals.

Kick-Start Program: Live, interactive 2-day training event focused on bringing the new advisor up to speed quickly with overview lessons on each of the 10-step client consultation process. The key applications are covered screen by screen with advisor scripting and real world situational advice. Instructors are all successful, practicing advisors who have achieved mastery skills using the Circle of Wealth® and who are proven dynamic and effective public speakers.  Learn more at

Mentor Program: Live, advanced mentor training experience. A year long program consisting of quarterly 2-day live training events instructed by MoneyTrax founder Don Blanton, MoneyTrax CEO Mark Guthrie, and accomplished practicing advisors who have mastered the Circle of Wealth® system. This program is designed to instruct the advisor  at the most detailed level the complete Circle of Wealth® system and mentor participants on how to effectively utilize the system in their own practices. Learn more at

COW College: Two day advisor conference. In January of each year, MoneyTrax hosts an annual advisor member conference in Orlando Florida. This conference is unique in that it is 100% educational in nature and not a sponsor driven event. Over 800 advisors attended last year’s conference to see the latest software improvements and innovations, learn of important MoneyTrax corporate developments, attend educational breakout sessions, and watch MoneyTrax founder Don Blanton demonstrate the 10-step process live on stage with a  personal client – all 100% real and unscripted.  Learn more at

Advisors can learn more about MoneyTrax training opportunities by scheduling an Advisor Consultation.