Spending Game Online




This course will be taught with NextGen Spending Game that's being released at COW College 2020. Register now to get immediate access to the Recordings Archive

Starts February 19, 2020 Wednesdays, 1-2:15 Eastern  

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Eight Weekly Sessions with Mark Guthrie & Noel Edwards


A conceptual presentation using the Personal Economic Model®

The Retirement Ready or Not calculator and its PEM features

When & how to use Spending Game in the 10-Step Client Process

In the Spending Game, you will learn: 

  • How to create basic client cases from the confidential financial questionnaire 
  • How to demonstrate summaries of a client’s key financial accounts 
  • How to demonstrate client’s wealth transfers and associated opportunity costs 
  • How to demonstrate client’s Personal Economic Model® view 
  • How to create and demonstrate a retirement income and balances forecast 
  • How to create and demonstrate an alternative scenarios and their financial benefits 
  • How to generate reports showing a current position and an improved position based on your recommendations 


  • Eight 60-minute sessions
  • Live instructor training and dedicated support answering Q&A during the sessions 
  • Course Guide
  • Demo Spending Game files
  • Your group's session recordings
  • Recordings archive from the previous group 
  • Pre and Post Course Satisfaction Survey
  • Includes early access to the 2020 Release of NextGen which includes Spending Game


  • $500 per person
Starts Feb 19, 2020