Spending Game Advanced Lab



Starts May 13, 2020
1-2:15 Eastern

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One-on-one Coaching Session + 8 Group Sessions with Mark Guthrie & Noel Edwards

About the Program

What to Expect:

  • This course will be 60% "how to" and 40% "financial planning"
  • Small group size, limited to 30
  • Participants need to be proficient in:
    >Creating fundamental SG scenarios
    >Importing & exporting NextGen files
    >Copy/pasting from PDFs/Excel into SG
  • Instruction starts where Fundamentals course finished
  • Fast-paced navigation of the Spending Game to demonstrate the Accounts & strategies discussed each week
  • Pre-course assignment, weekly assignments, individual assessment with feedback & tracking
  • Bare bones SG scenarios to be built live during the session with focused instruction on the advanced concepts & coaching

Assignments & Assessment:

  • 30-minute, one-on-one coaching assessment with Mark or Noel
  • Pre-course assignment & assessment:
    >Build present & improved SG scenario mock case
    >Present your mock case to Mark or Noel via assessment webinar
    >Receive feedback with areas to focus on for advancing your skills
    >Assessment will be recorded & made available 
  • Individual progress reports provided to each member midway & end of course
  • Weekly assignments:
    >Build SG scenario due prior to session
    >Will be spot checked with feedback
    >Tracking for accountability

Scenarios will cover:

  • 35-yr: Adding term life & max funded PLI
  • 45-yr: Adding max funded PLI
  • 50-yr: Paying for college using home equity & PLI
  • 55-yr: Adding a deferred annuity, rental property
  • 60-yr: Annual Review Mutual Fund Portfolio Review & converting Term Life to PLI
  • 65-yr: Annual Review downsizing to a smaller house, adding 2nd to Die PLI Life Insurance
  • 65-yr: Retirement income planning to lower taxes using a Reverse Mortgage
  • 70-yr: Estate planning using gifts to an ILIT with Crummey letters

What's Included

  • Eight 75-minute webinars
  • Live instructor training, dedicated support answering Q&A during the sessions & via email in between
    >>>Check out our
    Pre-course Work Video Tutorial
  • 30-minute mock client scenario walk-thru evaluation with Mark or Noel
  • Progress reports & evaluation recording
  • Instructor created SG visual aids & NextGen demo contact files with mock SG cases
  • Group session recordings archive
  • Recordings archive from the last fundamentals course 
  • Pre & post course surveys

Your Investment: $749 per person

$749 Single Pay