The Circle of Wealth® has several presentation tools that can help communicate financial strategies with your clients who are retired or soon to be retired.  Our most popular is the 10-minute lesson on life insurance.  The Circle of Wealth® focuses heavily on communication strategies; and we know if you can communicate with your clients so they truly understand your solutions they will, in turn, be better able to trust your advice.  Click here to get a free trial to the Circle of Wealth® members website where you see all of the resources and coaching available to members.

About MoneyTrax:
MoneyTrax, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Don Blanton and has gained national recognition for its unique financial planning approach, intuitive client presentation software, advanced training, and effective marketing tools. Since inception, MoneyTrax, Inc. has helped thousands of financial advisors nationally better serve their clients by providing the tools and training necessary to educate and increase their client’s financial Circle of Wealth®.