How to Build a Solid Relationship with Prospects & Clients

How to Build a Solid Relationship with Prospects & Clients

Do you remember your first experience with a financial advisor? I do, I was in my early twenties and a friend of mine gave an advisor my contact information.  At that time, we did not have social media, but if we did I would have unfriended that individual.

The advisor came across as a used car salesman with an opening line that I needed to start contributing to investments early in life. There is nothing wrong with that, but it should not have been the opening line.  The advisor went on to show me charts, graphs, and statistics about how a small monthly contribution will grow over time. He explained the longer you delay the process, the larger the contribution amount will have to be to attain the same goal.

While I agreed with what the advisor was telling me, I did not bite. The advisor did not take the time to get to know my actual situation and make suggestions based on my financial capacities.  He was focused on the product sale, when in actuality the focus should have been placed on me and my specific needs.

I would have been more inclined to start a relationship with this advisor if he would have just taken the time to explain what he does and how he helps people.  A less intrusive approach where you get to know your client(s) and their needs generally equates to more success. The client will not feel pressured or feel like they are in a car dealership and the only goal is to sign on the dotted line.

Building a strong relationship with your prospects and clients takes time but the outcome will be worth the investment.

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