Do You Ask Your Clients for Referrals?

Do You Ask Your Clients for Referrals

Clients are a fantastic resource to meet new potential clients because they’re already seeking your advice. Still, it’s important that you ask in a way that shows your appreciation while giving them details they can share with their friends, family, coworkers, etc.

The script below is a helpful guide for the referrals conversation:

Again, I want to thank you for your business and say that I look forward to serving you and your family in the days and years to come. If you remember when we first began, I shared with you one of the ways I get paid is from referrals, assuming of course that I was able to help you accomplish the goals and desires you wanted.

I am not looking for someone to see, but rather, “people who need to see me.” After our work together, you now know what I do is unique by helping people find money they may be losing unknowingly and unnecessarily. You also know people like yourself who are dealing with some of the exact same issues you were facing and could benefit from the strategies we discussed to help you avoid and minimize unnecessary losses.

I would like to leave you a stack of the Personal Economic Model® flyers that will help you to share with your referrals what I do (give them the PEM Talk flyer). I am sure they will enjoy your brief explanation of the tanks and the impact of the PEM on your thinking.

On the back of the PEM flyer is a simple path for you to follow when your referral asks you why you think they should meet with me and what they should expect if the do.

The first is the three types of money: Accumulated, Lifestyle and Transferred. The most important thing to share is that my focus is to help our prospects:

  1. Secure their financial future without taking more risk
  2. Avoid unnecessary wealth transfers where possible without impacting their current standard of living

They will want to know how I will do that; so also listed on the back of flyer are the 5 major areas of wealth transfer where we will begin our initial focus on uncovering their potential losses:
1. Mortgages
2. Taxes
3. Qualified Plans
4. Education/College 
5. Major Capital Purchases

The next thing I would like you to share are the 4 toughest financial questions everyone serious about their financial future should answer. Let them know in less than 15 minutes I will help them answer those questions and they will be able to immediately determine if what I do is something they are looking for in an advisor.

My contact info is also on the back of the flyer.  Please let them know that I will be calling them after you have had a chance to share this information.

Finally, I want to ask you to not discuss any product with your referral. If asked, simply say that our focus is on the process rather than product and what may be right for you may not be for them.

Thanks again for your business and I look forward to hearing from you as to who you know that needs to see me. (End of script)

Are you looking for more tools to help you communicate with your prospects and clients? Our Circle of Wealth® system provides scripts, visuals and more to help you better serve current and potential clients.

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