How Are You Like a Golf Caddie? Your Role for Clients

Golfer and caddy standing on the fairway of a par 4 looking at a course guide.

Clients have a wide range of expectations that come to mind when they hear the term “Financial Advisor.” Early in your relationship, it’s important you clarify your vital role in clients’ financial planning. One great analogy for you to use is golf; explain how you will be their caddie.

The Caddie’s Role in Golf

There’s a very unique relationship between a player and their caddie. Unfortunately, for most of us non-tour playing fanatics this has been replaced with GPS systems that can only tell you how far you are from the pin. They can’t tell you which club would be best to hit given the elevation of the green and the direction of the wind. Have you ever noticed that not one professional on the tour carries their own bag? While the player must still hit the shot, the caddie provides a great sounding board for the decision ahead, and is often the voice of reason in tense situations.

The Financial Caddie’s Role for Clients

Financially, trying to “carry your own bag” by making your own investments may not be the idea either. The financial caddie brings a special knowledge of the course: the dangers, the layup spots and the sucker-pin placements. They can help you decide when to go for it and when to lay back.

A financial caddie is also there to help you with the rules so you avoid unnecessary penalties or even disqualification. Having them there to encourage you along the way brings great value. You need to play the shot, but the caddie is always there for verification and support. Having someone standing beside you that understands your game and knows how to help you get around the course by maximizing your strengths when you’re playing the most important round of your life can be just what you need to finish on top.

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