Even Warren Buffet Agrees … Access to Capital is More Important than Rate of Return

buffet with coins and clockA recent Yahoo Finance article stated that Warren Buffett would prefer access to capital so he can take advantage of “opportunities to pounce on juicy deals.” (Yahoo Finance article)

Rate of return may look good in certain markets but if you live by return you will certainly die by return sooner or later.

Only permanent life insurance can can guarantee that what you want to happen will happen even if you are not here, even if the market fails, and even if your investments don’t earn the interest you anticipated.

People buy homes that they will never get back the money they put in, they buy cars that they will not be able to sell for a profit, and they give money to organizations to help others with no expectation of return.

Don’t get hung up in believing that people only put money in accounts that have the highest potential for gain, and make sure you know the benefits of permanent life insurance as well as the math:

  • Tax Deferred Growth
  • Tax Free Distribution
  • Competitive Return
  • High Contributions
  • Additional Benefits
  • Collateral Opportunities
  • Safe Harbor
  • No-Loss Provisions
  • Guaranteed Loan Option
  • Unstructured Loan Payment
  • Liquidity, Use and Control

Name another account that offers a return that will also guarantee that if you do not live long enough to save and invest enough money in that account and earn your expected return your family will receive what could have been.  There is no other product that will do that.

The 10-Minute Lesson on Life Insurance
One of our most popular presentation to explain life insurance is our 10-minute lesson on life insurance. This presentation teaches you how to educate your clients on the real benefits of permanent life insurance so they will want to buy all a company will issue.  Complete the form below to get free access to the video and script of this powerful presentation.

About the Circle of Wealth® 
The Circle of Wealth® focuses heavily on communication strategies; and we know if you can communicate with your clients so they truly understand your solutions they will, in turn, be better able to trust your advice.  The Circle of Wealth® has several presentation tools that can help communicate the benefits of a permanent life insurance policy and the fact that it is not all about rate of return.


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