Effective Marketing Tools


MoneyTrax offers client facing educational videos, vignettes, and printed materials to help advisors expand their market reach.  Below are our newly released 2021 animated marketing videos for members:

Client-ready Documents:

  • Ready for print: Prospecting postcards, referral business cards, 10-step process brochures, Interest surveys, Personal Economic Model® graphic, and more.
  • Ready to share: Blog and newsletter articles

Marketing Videos:

  • These videos are offered as an embedded video player hosted on the advisor’s website:
    • Thirteen 1-2 minute animated videos that deliver a client facing standalone financial concept.
    • Ten professionally produced 5 to 10 minute videos which convey important financial concepts that clients need to know, like retirement planning, mortgage strategies, Qualified Plan trade offs, and the power of asset access.
    • Over 80 1-2 minute video vignettes that deliver a client facing standalone financial concept.

Advisor Website:

  • Sample professional website demonstrating the use of Circle of Wealth® marketing materials, core philosophies, and overall 10 step client process

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