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This is a system that will significantly improve the quality of communication between you and your clients and prospects. It is built on the philosophy that there is potentially more financial opportunity in avoiding the losses than there is by picking the winners. Message from our founder, Don Blanton:

Key Features

  • Intuitive Presentation Software:
    • 100+ presentations with presenter notes
    • Space-bar-simple show and tell architecture
    • A unique single screen presentation showing a family’s entire financial anatomy
    • Powerful retirement readiness presentation
    • In-depth financial forecasting and reporting program
    • Custom builder tool to assemble your own presentations
  • Coaching and Training to ensure your success
  • A proven, repeatable Client Process
  • Scripts for every screen including key questions to deliver an effective presentation
  • Marketing Resources to support your online presence and build your trusted brand
  • Success Team available to answer questions and offer coaching
  • A Community of Thousands of successful advisors

Member Testimonials

“I just bought the system and even tho’ I fumbled my way thru my first presentation, they loved the concept and the 4 presentations I used were SO GOOD!” – John W, OR

“Don Blanton and Circle of Wealth® will change my future and my client’s future. It has changed my belief system!” – Paula A, FL

“I thought I already had a spectacular retirement practice. Circle of Wealth® is going to redefine everything I do and know to a level I never imagined!” – Kathy C, MI

“Circle of Wealth® gives me the ability to discuss eye-opening concepts to my clients. It has given me confidence to know that I can add value to anyone that I meet. Consequently, my business has grown exponentially. I have been in the business for over 36 years and am confident that thanks to MoneyTrax my best years lie just ahead.” – Wes W, TX

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