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How the Pandemic Transformed Client-Advisor Meetings

Whether performed quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, one of the most important meetings you will have with your client, next to onboarding, is their review. 

Ideally, you would be communicating with your clients in multiple face-to-face meetings throughout the […]

November 23rd, 2021|News & Events|

Announcing Our Partnership with AFEA! Helping You Market through Educational Workshops

You’ve worked hard to gain the skill sets and financial insights needed to become a trusted financial expert! You’ve applied yourself and can skillfully use the Circle of Wealth® to help your clients understand key financial concepts […]

November 12th, 2021|News & Events|

Roth Conversions No Longer Allowed? 2021 Tax Proposals

What if Congress slams the door on back door Roth IRA strategies?

What if capital gains taxes increase?

What if social security benefits are cut?

A lot of us are receiving questions like that right now, especially after hearing about […]

November 9th, 2021|News & Events|

The Rising Cost of College – Preparing Your Client

Inflation strikes again, so let’s assess the damage.

Have you noticed the rapid increase in college tuition prices? 

College tuition in America has skyrocketed since the ’90s. 

This is something that we can all agree on but the cause of […]

November 2nd, 2021|News & Events|

Financial Advisors Help With Medicare?

Leaves are changing colors, and Fall is officially HERE!

It is the yearly period in Fall when open enrollment for Medicare begins. As October 15th is quickly approaching the topic of healthcare becomes top of mind.

For your clients turning 65, […]

October 26th, 2021|News & Events|