Becoming the Grill Master

Becoming the Grill Master

MoneyTrax.Blog.Grill.6.13.17During the summer, many of us take advantage of the opportunity to grill out. It is a great time to enjoy family, friends, the outdoors, and preparing food over an open flame. You can cook just about anything on the grill, but it requires patience, practice, and sometimes a little ingenuity. It may be easier to go out but meals cooked on the grill are so much better.

There are many nuances to consider when grilling. You have to set the right temperature for your food, and balance that with the time the food is on the grill. There will naturally be spots on the grill which vary in temperature. Overcooking your food is just as easy as undercooking it. If you are grilling many different types of food, you have to balance the schedule so that everything is ready at about the same time. Cooking on the grill takes practice and a lot of trial and error, but it can be an enjoyable process.

Do you remember the first time you ever hosted a cookout, and the onus was on you to provide everyone with a meal? Chances are there was some trepidation surrounding that day, as you hoped you would serve a meal that wouldn’t poison anyone and hopefully taste good at the same time. You likely didn’t poison anyone; however, it may not have been the best meal you have ever prepared.

What did happen that day was that you began a journey towards mastering the art of grilling. The more time you spend grilling the more comfortable you become, and generally the better your meals become.

Similarities Between Grilling and Advising Clients Effectively

When you first started grilling (and first started using the Circle of Wealth® system), chances are you were not an expert. You probably did well enough to receive a few compliments for your first cookout, but it likely wasn’t your best and was certainly far from your potential. You get better the more times you light the fire and do the cooking, just as the more times you use the Circle of Wealth® with your clients, your presentation and delivery improves.

You greatly improve your chances of excellent grilling if you follow the same process each time. Circle of Wealth® has developed a very effective 10-Step process for working with clients. It’s the same 10 steps every time, because it works.

Your first client presentation was unlikely to have been your best, but like grilling, the results will improve with time. The more clients you advise with the Circle of Wealth® system, the better you become at making the presentation and mastering the tools. MoneyTrax, Inc. strives to provide you with effective tools and training to help you master this process, and dominate your competition.

All you have to do is start grilling, and keep grilling. You may burn a few steaks, but the more you practice, the greater your meals will become.

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