About MoneyTrax, Inc.

The Circle of Wealth® by MoneyTrax significantly expands the financial advice available to a family beyond the common industry approach used by most advisors today. Traditional planning and investment advice is retirement ‘nest egg’ oriented. Plan shortfalls are fixed with increased saving budgets and investment allocation adjustments. These ‘fixes’ are often unsustainable by families and retirement portfolios with investments seeking higher rates of returns and increased volatility.

The Circle of Wealth® system expands beyond the traditional approach by introducing the philosophy that most families can better overcome their retirement plan shortfalls by first avoiding wealth transfers, which are occurring unknowingly and unnecessarily. The Circle of Wealth® system contains analysis and communication tools to help families see their wealth transfers in all areas of their budget. This includes mortgage payments, Qualified Plan contributions, income taxes, non-deductible interest on the debt (credit cards, car payments, parent loans), and how they structure and pay for insurance protections.

MoneyTrax, Inc. operates under the philosophy that there is potentially more financial opportunity by avoiding losses than there may be by picking winners. We are devoted to helping advisors communicate and quantify this philosophy.

MoneyTrax, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Don Blanton and has gained national recognition for its unique financial planning approach, intuitive client presentation software, advanced training, and effective marketing tools. Since inception, MoneyTrax, Inc. has helped thousands of financial advisors nationally better serve their clients by providing the tools and training necessary to educate and increase their client’s financial Circle of Wealth®.

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