Buddy Referral Program

Our referral program's purpose is to expand our membership base with the help of our most valuable asset, existing members like you. For every new member you refer, you will receive a buddy referral coupon for a future training class – COW College, Mentor Program, Online Course, etc. 

Referring a Buddy is Easy as 1-2-3 

1. Invite A Buddy


  • A licensed financial advisor
  • Prospective member of the Circle of Wealth® 
  • Serious about their practice
  • Willing to invest in themselves
  • Good addition to the Circle of Wealth® community

Invite Options:

Circle of Wealth® Free Trial:

Kick-Start Program:

COW College:


2. Help Them Join

Send a Buddy to a Kick-Start:

  • Invite a buddy to a Kick-Start (download invite flyer)
  • Having the regular registration waived, simply pay a deposit to hold your spot.
  • Register: moneytrax.com/ksp 
  • Enter coupon code: kspbuddy

Invite a Buddy to COW College:

Invite a Buddy to Get a Free Trial:

Share Your Testimony:  

  • Simply tell your buddy what the Circle of Wealth® has done for you and your practice. 

When your buddy joins the Circle of Wealth® you will receive a Buddy Referral Coupon.

3. Pick Your Class

A Buddy Referral Coupon(s) can be used towards: 

  • Kick-Start Program - 1 coupon = 1 reg fee
  • Any Online Course - 1 coupon = 1 reg fee 
  • Mentor Program (First-year) - 1 coupon = 1 month’s tuition
  • Mentor Program (Repeat) - 1 coupon = 1 session
  • Alumni Program - 1 coupon = 1 reg fee
  • COW College (Classmen) - 2 coupons = 1 reg fee
  • COW College (Alumni) - 1 coupon = 1 reg fee 

Please note:  

  • No limit to the number of coupons you can earn
  • Coupons can only be used by current members 
  • Coupons have no monetary value  


Who can earn Buddy Referral Coupons?

  • To qualify, you must be a Circle of Wealth® member with a current CIrcle of Wealth® subscription.

What resources are available to invite my buddy to an event? 

Can I have my buddy call you to register for COW College or a Kick-Start Program? 

  • Yes, they can call our training coordinator (321) 369-9470 option 3.

What if my buddy use to own the Circle of Wealth®?

  • Then they don't qualify for this program. They can call our support team (321) 369-9470 option 2 to see what options are available for returning customers.

What if my buddy has already been to COW College?

  • They don't qualify to come to COW College at the guest rate but they can go the Kick-Start as your guest having their registration fee waived.

When are Buddy Referral Coupons issued?  

  • Monthly payment: coupons are issued 180 days after date of purchase.  
  • Single payment: coupons are issued 45 days after date of purchase.
  • Please note: if the subscription is cancelled, no coupon will be issued.

How do I redeem my Buddy Referral Coupon(s) for a future training?  

  • Contact our Training Coordinator (321) 369-9470 option 3. 

How do I check the number of Buddy Referral Coupons I have earned? 

  • Visit: members.moneytrax.com, click on My Account, Buddy Referral Coupons are listed at the bottom of the page.

Is there a limit to the number of Buddy Referral Coupons I can earn?  

  • No limit to the number of coupons you can earn.

Can I use my Buddy Referral Coupon(s) to pay my subscription fee?

  • Buddy Referral Coupons have no monetary value and can only be used toward future training(s).


Call (321) 369-9470 option 3 to speak with our Training Coordinator to answer any questions you may have about our Buddy Referral Program.