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The Annual Review Course
Learn how to use the Circle of Wealth® to deepen relationship and discover opportunities with existing clients as our executive coaches share their process for annual reviews.
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About the Course
  • How to use Circle of Wealth® to deepen relationship and discover opportunities with existing clients
  • How to streamline your annual review process and fulfill compliance responsibilities
  • Compliance tips and templates for documenting annual review conversations
  • A variety of processes demonstrated by executive coaches for their annual reviews
  • Specific presentations used during the annual review
  • Follow up procedures you can automate in your practice
  • Six, one-hour, monthly sessions
  • All sessions recorded; join anytime to access the archive
  • Shared documents and resources
  • Access to your coach(es) during live sessions
  • Ability to email your coach(es) course related questions
  • Pre and post course satisfaction surveys
Meet Your Coaches
Starr Barnum
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Starr on LinkedIn

Starr Barnum has been in the financial services business for 15+ years, working primarily with families and business owners.  He uses a unique approach in that he helps people find money that they’re currently transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily.  (Learn more about Starr)

Fredrick Hicks
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Fred on LinkedIn

Fred joined the Circle of Wealth® community at COW College in January of 2019.  He dove head first into learning the system and mastering process.  (Learn more about Fred)

Crystal Langdon
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Crystal on LinkedIn

Crystal is a Certified Financial Planner TM, Investment Advisor, Qualified Kingdom Advisor, and the founder of Crystal Clear Finances, Inc. (Learn more about Crystal)

Matt Rzepka
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Matt on LinkedIn

Matthew L. Rzepka, CPA, CFP® is the owner of Valley Oak, a conglomerate of professional services firms based in southwest Michigan, focusing on tax planning, wealth building, and business advising.  (Learn more about Matt)

Jeremy Shipp
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

Jeremy Shipp uses first-hand experiences combined with the ability to equate various financial aspects in providing well-rounded retirement advice.  (Learn more about Jeremy)

Beatrice Schultz

Beatrice Schultz, CFP®, BSc, MSM, is the co-founder of Westface College Planning, Westface Financial & Insurance Services and Westface Financial Advisory, a registered investment advisory firm.  (Learn more about Beatrice)

Beth Walker
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Connect with Beth on LinkedIn

Beth is a mom on a mission. She collaborates with families to create better futures—for their college-bound kids and the parents they leave behind. Working with families all over the county (Learn more about Beth)

Meets Once a Month for Six Sessions
Mondays at 12-1 p.m. Eastern
Jul 25, Aug 29, Sep 19, Oct 17, Nov 14 & Dec 8

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