Spending Game Concierge
Tools and training to become a trusted expert that confidently delivers reliable financial strategies to your clients.
About the Service
Concierge Service Options
  • Option 1: Personal tutoring through Zoom webinars with member who wants additional one-on-one guidance after the essentials course.
  • Option 2: Basic data entry of a present position based on a CQ or similar information received from member.  Completed present position will be returned to member with a recap video
Requirements & Understandings
  • Tutoring and basic data entry of a present position case is based on the details you provide.
  • No "advisor" recommendations will be provided on case direction.
  • Time to be billed will include everything associated with building your case: phone calls, emails, case review and tutoring time together, etc.
Per Hour
Call Support to schedule your time and pay (321) 369-9470 option 2