About the Course
  • 10-Step Client Process
  • Core Circle of Wealth® presentations 
  • To find the money 
  • Overcome first-year objections
  • Create term life contract 
  • Create properly funded life insurance contracts
  • Improved prospect & client communication
  • Enhanced proficiency with the Circle of Wealth® presentations
  • Control & tracking business activity
  • Increased production
  • $21M of face amount written
  • Click here to see curriculum outline
  • Eight 90-minute sessions
  • Bonus session 13th week
  • Shared documents
  • Group's Recordings Archive
  • Access to your coach(es) during live sessions to ask Questions
  • Pre and Post Satisfaction Survey
Meet Your Coach
Starr Barnum
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
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Starr Barnum has been in the financial services business for 15+ years, working primarily with families and business owners.  He uses a unique approach in that he helps people find money that they’re currently transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily.  (Learn more about Starr)

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Starts January 18, 2021

Mondays, 1-2:30 Eastern
Bonus Session April 12th

What members say:
Starr is very relatable and easy to learn from.  His product knowledge was very valuable to me.
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Starr is a star at teaching the Circle of Wealth.  Him going through the full process made it all come together for me.

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