About the Course
  • Insights, tips & tricks for working with business owners
  • How to get your foot in the door
  • How to talk to them
  • How to market to them
  • Strategies that work 
  • Pros & cons of working with business owners
  • What you should cover during your initial meeting to get a second appointment
  • Eight 90-minute sessions
  • Shared documents
  • Recordings Archive
  • Access to your coach(es) during live sessions to ask Questions
  • Pre and Post Satisfaction Survey
Meet Your Coach
Matt Rzepka
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
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Matthew L. Rzepka, CPA, CFP® is the owner of Valley Oak, a conglomerate of professional services firms based in southwest Michigan, focusing on tax planning, wealth building, and business advising.  (Learn more about Matt)

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What members say:
Matt is a wealth of knowledge, his teaching style is so easy to learn from and apply.  
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Matt is truly gifted in the ability to take the complicated issues, such as the tax code, and explain it in a way that you still know its complicated but actually understand it.

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