Tips for Setting & Accomplishing Goals in 2018

2018 Goals

Set goals you actually want to accomplish. Don’t allow outside voices to dictate what your goals should be. While you may be more likely to achieve your goals if you feel accountable to others, you still need to feel a passion for meeting them. Write up a list of goals — way more than you could ever truly accomplish. Then, circle the ones that you feel the most passionate about and inspired to accomplish.  Now you have your list.

Include any big projects that you know you “have to” get done on your list. Creating a list of goals that doesn’t include other responsibilities you must get done doesn’t make sense. Your year is likely to have some immovable obligations so put those on your list of goals so you have a full picture of what you need to accomplish.

Make a plan for accomplishing your goals. Ask yourself: “What needs to be true for [your goal] to become a reality?” In other words, map out the steps to reach the goal. For example, if your goal is to create a business website, the steps may be to find a website designing firm, map out a plan for content, get professional images and videos, etc. For each of your goals sketch out a few next steps and assign a time period so you don’t procrastinate.

Finally, create a system to review and update your goals. New projects may pop up throughout the year or existing projects may require more time than you realized. Consider a quarterly review to be sure you are on track and to adapt your goals as you go along.

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