Reverse Mortgages with Cert
About the Course
Learn How To
  • Comprehend & communicate today's reverse mortgage options
  • Present Circle of Wealth® reverse mortgage storyboards
  • Effectively connect with lending officers
Course Certification
  • Take a test at the end of the course to get certified for understanding Reverse Mortgages as presented by Fairway Mortgage
  • Being certified will distinguish you in receiving referrals from Fairway Mortgage lending officers
  • Six 60-minute Video Training sessions
  • Demo client cases
  • Ability to email coach(es) course-related questions
Meet Your Coach
Jeremy D. Shipp, CFP®, CLU®, RICP®, WMCP®
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
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Jeremy Shipp uses first-hand experiences combined with the ability to equate various financial aspects in providing well-rounded retirement advice.  (Learn more about Jeremy)

Harlan Accola
Reverse Mortgage Director for Fairway Mortgage Co.

Harlan has been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years and has worked with all types of loans. His specialty and favorite has always been working amongst the 62 plus age group with over 1,000 Reverse Mortgages which has been the most rewarding part of his career. (Learn more about Harlan)

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What lending officers say about EquityTrax:

“We set up a zoom call with Clients and their
Financial Advisor. I went through the EquityTrax presentation, and the Clients and the  Advisor were very impressed.  He commented it made a complex concept  very easy to see and digest. At the end of call, the Advisor made a couple  of summary statements and advised them to  move forward with the reverse mortgage.”

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“The early results from the 10-12 presentations I made so far have sped  up the prospects’ understanding,  simplified their decision process,
and crystallized in their mind a more  desirable future outcome. 

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