Circle of Wealth® NextGen
We have just released NextGen software with a fresh look and feel, and all of the presentations you’ve come to know and love at its core.​​​​​​​  ​​​​​​​NextGen will run on the most popular PC and mobile operating systems with data synced between all!  Watch our overview video below to learn more.
Key Features
All of the Circle of Wealth® Presentations You Know & Love
Includes 200+ presentation screens with more being added every day
Client Hub & Management 
Information is organized by client name (not by individual .cow files).  Client management center includes a list of to-dos, notes and the screens shown to your client
Presentation Builder
Create custom presentations with COW screens and imported images
Key Resources & Trainings
Links to the  most popular help files, training, videos, schedules, & more:
Educational Videos <<
Featured Articles <<
Member Resources <<
Training Schedule <<
Self-study Courses <<
Live Training Events <<
Resource Documents <<
Marketing Resources<<

 Dashboard Organization
Quick access to your Client Files, Favorite Presentations, Recently Opened, and Key Resources & Training 
Company & Individual Branding
Your branding includes your logo, picture and custom banner text. Set-up for you by the MoneyTrax Support Team
PC & Mobile Operating Systems
Runs natively in Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Browsers
Data Stored Locally & Synced via the Cloud
Files can be shared from one computer to another via the Internet. Cases created on the web-browser version can be access on the Windows or Mac versions.  Eliminates single PC license restrictions
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much does it cost?
A: NextGen software is included with the PRO Level Membership.  Desktop Level members can upgrade to PRO to gain access. (Desktop members click here to upgrade now)

Q: Can I still use my current generation of Circle of Wealth® Windows Desktop and iCOW?  
A: Yes,  the current generations will continue to run and be supported through 2019

Q: Will my Communication Profile clients and reports come over from the current generation?
A: Yes, they will automatically import into the NextGen software

Q: Will there be an import feature to load my current generation case files?
A: Yes, an import feature will be  released later this year 

Q: How do I access NextGen?
A: Email your photo and logo to  Once received, they will activate your NextGen software and email you your login credentials and access links

​​​​​​​Q: When will Spending Game be added to NextGen?
A: NextGen Spending Game release will be this summer.

Q: Once released, will the current generation of Spending Game continue to run in my Windows Desktop?
A: Yes.

Q: Once released, will there be an import feature to load my current generation Spending Game files into NextGen? 
A: Yes.