New Updates to the Circle of Wealth® Financial Planning System

System update seal sign concept illustration design graphicWe’re thrilled to announce the 2017 summer release of our Circle of Wealth® system for financial planning experts is ready for download! It is also now live in iCOW. While we are working hard on our overall 2017 development plans, we have a few goodies that you can put to use right now.

New Updates to the Circle of Wealth® Financial Planning System

1. PEM – FINRA Reviewed

In teaming with a close partner’s Broker Dealer, the PEM screen has been reviewed and submitted to FINRA. As a result, we now have a FINRA Review Letter for the PEM (single screen only). You can now find a new icon in the Launcher named ‘PEM FINRA Reviewed’ that leads to a two-screen presentation. The first screen is an intro screen to enter your BD/RIA disclosure (editable), and the second screen is the PEM. Click here to see the documentation and FINRA letter.


2. PEM Comparison

A new single screen ‘dual’ PEM model is available. For those times when you're showing a financial planning client two scenarios using the PEM, now you can access two PEMs on a single screen. This allows a single draw tool to work across two PEMs and creates an easy way to show any before and after picture you wish to draw.


3. Disclosure Screen

We have a new single screen, editable Disclosure page that can be added to any presentation via the Presentation Builder. We know many members like to use the Circle of Wealth® with audiences and need BD or RIA approval. This screen can be edited with your Disclosures and inserted where needed.

4. Sequence Risks Presentation

Also new is a three-screen Sequence Risks presentation, which is a modified version of the Sequence of Returns presentation with the added features of market history, retirement income, and a shuffle feature in the graph view. It fits in between the legacy Sequence Risks presentation and the more complex Retirement Income Predictability presentation.


For a video walk-through of the release, please click here. Please let us know if you have any questions about the updates to Circle of Wealth®, or if you have suggestions for how we can make this system even better for you to use with your financial planning clients!

About MoneyTrax:
MoneyTrax, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Don Blanton and has gained national recognition for its unique financial planning approach, intuitive client presentation software, advanced training, and effective marketing tools. Since inception, MoneyTrax, Inc. has helped thousands of financial advisors nationally better serve their clients by providing the tools and training necessary to educate and increase their client’s financial Circle of Wealth®. The Circle of Wealth® system significantly expands the financial advice available to a family beyond the industry accepted approach used by most advisors today. Click here to learn more.

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