3 Reasons Why You Should Attend 


You will return from this training with “something to say” and the confidence to engage your clients and prospects!

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May 8-9, 2018 in Atlanta Class times: 1-8pm; 8am-3pm

Aug 7-8, 2018 in Atlanta Class times: 1-8pm; 8am-3pm 

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At our Kick-Start Program, you will learn ...


How to better communicate with your clients so they can truly understand your solutions and in-turn they will better trust your advice

Door Openers

What to say when asked “what do you do” that will make your prospect want to hear what you have to say 

Client Process

A proven, 10-Step Client Process that will get your client to take action including one step that could improve your closing ratio

Find the Money

The five areas you must master to "find the money" that your clients are losing unknowingly and unnecessarily

10-Minute Lesson

A 10-minute presentation that will make your clients want to buy all the permanent life insurance they can afford


How to build a 100% referral business and how to tell people what you do without any reference to product


“I enjoyed this so much! The material was introduced in such a way that it was easy to understand and it is very “duplicatable!” The instructor was knowledgeable, interesting and answered all questions asked.”

“Having the ability to network with fellow COW attendees was great.”

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“Starr is a great instructor. His style and approach really resonated with me. Dinner with Don was awesome too.”


Starr Barnum

Starr Barnum has been in the financial services business for 14+ years, working primarily with families and business owners. He uses the Circle of Wealth®'s unique approach in that he helps people find money that they’re currently transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily. Starr knows the Circle of Wealth® system inside and out and he will be sharing his secrets to success with you. Click here to learn more about Starr.


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Click here if you have received a "Guest Pass" for August 7-8 in Atlanta