Every "Customer" / Member should have a subscription set-up on their record!!!! (Unless free ...) If no payment for a period, set-up a future subscription for the appropriate date.  Only use ES115 or ES116!!
Subscription New & Expired, On-boarding

 New COW Sub Orders:


    30-60 days: Update credit card using Internal form, or set-up a new Subscription ES115 for monthly or ES116 for annual.  Before running transaction make sure:

    • Contact Type = Customer
    • Subscription Type = COW
    • Expiry 60 days from today
    • Members' Website set to = PRO
    • Add sequence COW4

    More than 60 Days:
    Use checkout page on MT.com $299 restart fee and then $99 per month (check out page)

    GALA Keys

    Make sure they get the GALA Subscriber tag and Tag for the owner of the GALA key and also check the appropriate boxes as well.  Then add the correct tag for the owner of the key to the person receiving.  GALA subscribers should be contact type customer.


    As we are modifying our process for new members let's make sure we are all on the same page:

    • One day after signing up, New Member Coaches are sent the email to forward to them introducing yourself as their new member coach and inviting them to send you their logos, reminding them that they should sign-up for the next new member on-boarding webinar 
    • Four days after signing up, you will be tasks with a call; the purpose of this call is to get them to come to the new member onboarding webinar or to watch the recording archive on the page (linked from software)

    After the initial call at day 4, all other 2-wk check ins, figure out if they have attended the New Member On-boarding Webinar (look for tags):

     If they've attended the webinar, send them an email touching base to see if they have any questions, if they have not yet sent you their custom logos remind them to do so and then remind the best place to get started in the "Getting Started" course.  If they've completed that then Kick-start & PAC.

    If they have NOT attended the webinar, CALL them to invite them to attend the next new member on-boarding webinar (include the date of the next one to be specific) and also send an email with link to New Member On-boarding Webinar page on members website so they can sign-up or watch the recording

    Credit Cards, Referral Map & Contact Types

    Credit Card Updates

    • Have Member Go to My Accounts and complete form from there (system will add email to attach to correct OP record)
    • OR Send them email from OP: "Collections> Update Your Credit Card"
    • OR if you have the credit card information, use "Internal" online form to complete (click here)

    Referral Center Map

    • Member clicks "Update My Pushpin" form page in software takes them to members website to the My Account page
    • OR they go to My Account on members website they go to Referral Center section and Click here to add or update your Pushpin on the Map
    • OR Internal Update in OP, update Referral Info page and after updates are made add Sequence: 2021-Support> Referral Center Add My Pushpin
    • To remove someone's pushpin, add sequence: 2021-Support> Referral Center: Cancel: Remove My Pushpin

      Contact Types
      Customer = Circle of Wealth Member paying us for their subscription

      • Past Customer = Used to have a Circle of Wealth Membership
      • Close Lost / Removed = No longer a viable customer, lead, or prospect, typically left the business, deceased, bad email or quit/left and unsubscribed opted out
      • EquityTrax = EquityTrax Member having their subscription paid for by Fairway Mortgage Co.
      • Lead = Prospective Circle of Wealth Member
      • Prospect = Prospective Circle of Wealth Member who has opted into our 14-day free trial.  They maintain Prospect status for 21 days
      • Other = Someone we associate with that would not become a Member; i.e., like a Partner (home office), Vendor, JointWork, Office Staff person, etc.  They are not paying us for access to the software if they have it - YOU MUST ADD APPROPRIATE "OTHER" TAG
      • Suspect = Not sure what they are

      Client-ready Videos & Demo Login

      Link for Compliance to Review Videos moneytrax.com/videos
      (password: moneytrax)

      Add correct domain to Wistia ([email protected] account)

      Update  Domain URL field in OP (remove www., http:// or https://)

      • If Wix Website Requires Extra Characters sample: URL is profinancialnetwork.com. For Wix make it say: www-profinancialnetwork-com.filesusr.com.  MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE OP WITH WIX CODE
      • If PCDADDY website, simple HTML embed code will work .... sample (is on PDF) <script charset="ISO-8859-1"
        async></script><div class="wistia_embed

      Demo Login

      Partners, Branding & Store Credit Buddy Coupons
      Set up Home Office/Partner Software by adding "Fulfillment: Home Office Software + PRO (Part 1)" sequence

      Discount codes for $250 off start-up fee (they are case sensitive):

      • lp250 (lifepro)
      • tq250 (triquest)
      • mtl250 (mutual trust life)
      • onl250 (ohio national)
      • 200PC for past customer restart fee discount

      COW Lite for NLG

       For brand new NLG agents the intent of the program is that National Life representative does the training to  learn how to use the "lite" version of the Circle of Wealth®.  And there is no referral credit offered since the price of the system to get started is greatly reduced.)

      Because you are getting your tra
      ining from National Life we are able to let you get started for only $50 per month (with no start-up fee) for the first six months.  Then after the initial six month period is up, your subscription will upgrade to the full Circle of Wealth PRO version and you will pay $99 per month thereafter (again having no start-up fee).

      Branding Group

      To manually set someone's branding...

      1) Set the appropriate branding code flag in the "Branding Code" field of their OP contact record (Contact Info page, Serial Info block, middle column)
      blank = moneytrax
      securian = Securian
      natlifegrp = National Life Group
      simplicity = Simplicity

      COW Lite for NLG = cowlitenlg
      Fairway Mortgage = fairway

      2) Notify the licensing server by applying the OP Sequence: ZAPI: PINGURL: Set Branding Code

      Buddy Referral Coupons 

      • Put a NOTE first that they are applying the coupon to this training item and use the notes invoice
      • Run a $0 transaction for the product they are using the coupon for
      • Reduce the number of buddy referrals coupons (on coupon page)
      • Put a note in field under buddy referral credit date used etc (no coupon page)

      Existing Store Credit

      • First put a NOTE that they are applying the credit to the item and use the notes invoice
      • Run a $0 transaction for the product they are using the credit for
      • Reduce the on file credit the appropriate amount