ccp-coverAll of the visual storyboards within Circle of Wealth® system are designed to help advisors communicate better with their clients.  In addition, system users also have the ability to provide their clients with a “Communication Profile”.  This is a very unique and powerful tool designed to help you communicate with your clients on a much higher level than you have ever been able to in the past. Each of us communicate in different ways and prefer that those who are sharing information with us do so in a way in which we can best understand.

The Communication Profile is an online assessment that will takes a client about ten minutes to complete and gives the advisor great insight into how to best communicate with their client effectively. The information provided in the profile provides the opportunity to better serve clients by knowing exactly how they process information. It will allow spouses to understand one another’s differences in this area and for the first time communicate on a higher level with one another in the area of their finances.

Advisors can learn more about the Communication Profile by scheduling an Advisor Consultation.