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Circle of Wealth® 2-yr Subscription: 

  • Desktop software 
  • Web-based software
  • Integrated system help
  • Live customer support
  • PRO level membership (see below)

Resources, Coaching & Training:

  • Client Communication Assessment Tool
  • Self-study Training Courses  
  • Webinars with company president and CEO
  • Case Study webinars  
  • Marketing videos for your website
  • Client conversation audio library
  • Scripts library
  • Training Video Gallery
  • Weekly podcasts
  • Newsletter/blog articles for your social media
  • TakeNote client management program

Kick-Start Training Program: 

  • Two-day training in Atlanta, GA instructed by Starr Barnum and Don Blanton 
  • You will learn the Circle of Wealth® proven sales process and the system’s core presentation tools and scripts
  • Includes resource guide with screens and scripts  
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Production Accelerator Course (online):  

  • 60-min webinars, held every other week for 12 sessions, 
  • Instructed by a team of successful producers using the system every day with their clients
  • Recordings Archive: 20 hours of recorded instruction to learn at your own pace

 << Don't Just Take Our Word For It ... Hear from Other Advisors 

Watch the video to hear how advisors are using the Circle of Wealth® system to engage and communicate with their clients. 


Two-days of training to learn the Circle of Wealth® proven sales process and the system’s core presentation tools and scripts.  

Every professional player on the PGA tour has a swing coach. The sale of permanent life insurance is more of a process than a product sale, the “swing” rather than a “club” sale. At this training, you will learn take your financial game to the next level, ... discover what thousands of top producing agents know ... clients are far more likely to follow the advice of a “coach” rather than that of a “club rep.” 

When you join you will receive an email with future Kick-Start dates and locations.


Our online Producation Accelerator Course meets every other Tuesday at 1-2:15 p.m. Eastern. All sessions are recorded and entire library of recorded sessions is available when you join.

This course is instructed by our top producers who are not only experts in the system but also successful in their own personal production. 

When you subscribe, you will receive immediate access to the current group's live sessions, their recordings archive and a complete library of recordings so you can learn on your own, at your own pace.


Starr Barnum (About)

Mark Guthrie (About)

Eric King (About)


Matt Rzepka (About) 

Jeremy Shipp (About

Beth Walker (About

What you will learn:

What to Say So your clients can truly understand your solutions and in-turn better trust your advice

Prospecting What to say when asked “what do you do” that will make them want to hear what you have to say 

Process that Works From the first meeting thru implementation of your recommendations 

Finding the Money Five areas your clients are losing unknowingly and unnecessarily

Its True Benefits How to position cash-value life insurance as a "want" product

Referrals How to build a referral business from your existing clients

This is your opportunity to earn with the Circle of Wealth® while you learn from the industry leader in sales training and financial presentation tools!


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Terms & Conditions

  • MoneyTrax offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. After the 30-day period, all fees collected are non-refundable. 
  • If you choose the monthly payment option, payments will be collected immediately and each month thereafter until the initial subscription is paid if full. 
  • After the initial two-year subscription, your ongoing access and subscription is $99 per month or $999 per year.  
  • The Circle of Wealth® system is subscribed to one producer and may not used by any other producer. Each producer must purchase their own right to use. A producer is defined as anyone who meets with clients and is engaged in the sale of financial products with his/her income being generated and/or increased by the sale. This includes, but is not limited to, associates in the same office, team members, family members, partnerships, etc. Each “producer” using our system no matter the structure must purchase their own subscription and is not allowed to use another producers subscription under any circumstances.