Did you hear the news re: MEC limits?

A change by Congress will generally increase the amount of money that policyholders can contribute to their cash-value accounts.  Federal lawmakers’ big year-end spending package includes a little-noticed revision of the tax code that is likely to boost sales of life insurance.  The law lowers a minimum interest rate used to determine whether combination savings and death-benefit policies known as permanent life insurance are too much like investments to qualify for tax advantages granted to insurance. The interest-rate floor was put in place in 1984 to weed out policies that were mostly investment vehicles with a thin layer of insurance. Lowering the rate allows owners to put more in the savings portion.  Read full article by the Wall Street Journal …

The Circle of Wealth® has some powerful presentations to explain the MEC limits and to show how a financial strategy including permanent insurance can benefit one’s financial goals. Here's a couple you can check out:

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