Clients say, its easy to follow, made perfect sense, & made the conversation around money enjoyable

I wanted to let you know that since COW College I've had several meetings all using the COW tools. At the end of my meetings I asked my prospects and clients (I did some reviews) what they thought about the new tools from the business conference I attended. All of them said it was very easy to follow, made perfect sense, and made the conversation around money enjoyable. My clients, whom I did reviews with, said this was significantly simpler and easier to wrap their heads around compared to what I'd shown them in the past.

After I showed the permanent insurance in the safe tank (using the slider with the cash value and death benefit) on the PEM to a client, he said that after 3 years of owning whole life that he bought from me…he finally understood it with that picture.  The result was several thousand in new premium and rollovers this week alone. COW College and MoneyTrax = game-changing.

Please pass this on to the MoneyTrax team. Thanks for everything!!

Jared, Ft. Myers, FL

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