10 Step Client Process for ClientsThe Circle of Wealth® is a system that significantly improves the level and quality of communication between financial advisors and their clients. The system is a proven combination of a 10-step client consultation process and an extensive suite of supporting software applications.

The 10-step client process covers an entire engagement from the first meeting through the implementation of recommendations. The process is carefully sequenced to ensure clients understand the unique value a Circle of Wealth® advisor delivers.

The supporting desktop and web based applications excel as “Visual Storyboards” to help the advisor clearly communicate the many ways to improve the efficiency of a client’s wealth during accumulation and retirement distribution. The visual storyboards cover over 100 individual financial concepts such as taxes, qualified plans, mortgages, college funding, savings plans, insurance protection, retirement planning, and many more.

In addition to the 10-step process and supporting applications, the system includes detailed and thorough help and training. Each screen has embedded help, audio, and video files that assist the advisor in understanding the functionality as well as provide suggested advisor scripting.

To further support the advisor, MoneyTrax provides an interactive, multi-session New Advisor Orientation Training Webinar, Self-study Training Videos, Integrated System Help, Educational Webinars, and Live Technical Phone Support staffed in-house with dedicated and experienced personnel.

Advisors can learn more about MoneyTrax training opportunities by scheduling an Advisor Consultation.