Case Study Webinars for Members with Marc Catona

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Case Study Webinars for Members

Once a quarter a Circle of Wealth® Master Mentor walks our members through one of their client consultations, demonstrating how they used the Circle of Wealth® presentation tools and client process, to help their clients be more efficient with their finances.

Join us Monday, September 14th, as we hear from Marc Catona (LinkedIn).  During the webinar, Marc will share how he met his client, what presentations he showed and the referrals he received by following the client process.

  • Webinar date & times:
    • Part 1: Sep 14th from 1-2pm Eastern
    • Part 2: Sep 21st from 1-2pm Eastern
  • To be on the webinar:
    • Members: Login to the members website to get the webinar link to be on the call live or to watch the Recordings Archive.
    • Prospective Members: If you’d like to check out the Circle of Wealth® Case Study webinars, give us a call at 321.369.9470 option 1 to receive the Zoom conferencing information.

Please note: this webinar is intended for financial professionals.

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