“I began MoneyTrax in 1994 with the intention to build a few software presentations to help me and a few close friends in the industry do a better job communicating with our clients. Since my beginning days in the industry (1986), I have been convinced that if we could do a better job helping our clients understand what we are saying they would move to action much more readily. It turns out it does. We have found that the better equipped the advisor, the better they perform and the more they produce.

There are two things that affect how successful an advisor will be in the financial services business – what they know and what they can communicate.  Our company has found success because our 10-Step Client Process is proven by more than 5,000 advisors nationally and our training is considered the best in the industry.

I have trained thousands of advisors over the last 20 years on the Circle of Wealth® system I am so proud to hear all the great results from advisors using the system.   The “Circle of Wealth” is more than the name of our system, it also stands for the “Wealth” potential available from the “Circle” of advisors who not only use our tools, but graciously offer their thoughts and suggestions on how to improve it.” – Don Blanton, President & Founder

Below are some testimonials from advisors using the Circle of Wealth® system:

“Don Blanton and Circle of Wealth® will change my future and my client’s future. It has changed my belief system!”
– Paula A, FL

“I thought I already had a spectacular retirement practice. Circle of Wealth® is going to redefine everything I do and know to a level I never imagined!”
– Kathy C, MI

Circle of Wealth® gives me the ability to discuss eye-opening concepts to my clients. It has given me confidence to know that I can add value to anyone that I meet. Consequently, my business has grown exponentially. I have been in the business for over 36 years and am confident that thanks to MoneyTrax my best years lie just ahead.”
– Wes W, TX