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success story WEBSuccess story from one of our community members:

“On our Monday Round Table call, it was  recommended to refinance ASAP because the banks were going to be inundated.  I contacted one of my clients, and he immediately refinanced from a 15 to a 30 year mortgage … saving over  $2000 a month. Yesterday, he thanked me profusely. And was very interested in taking money out of his HELOC after I told him about what I learned.  You and Circle of Wealth have helped me and my clients.  This client actually quoted me by saying, you ‘found money for me without changing my lifestyle.' He and other clients appreciate the wisdom I have learned and shared.  Again, I thank you and all of the Circle of Wealth family.”  – Susan E, Master Mentor

The “Circle of Wealth” is more than the name of our system, it also stands for the “Wealth” potential available from the “circle” of advisors who not only use our tools, but graciously offer their thoughts and suggestions on how to improve it.

If you haven't checked out the Monday Round Table webinar for members … it's highly recommended. Login into your members website and click Round Table image to learn more and listen to the past Mondays' recordings.

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About the Circle of Wealth®: 

The Circle of Wealth® system significantly expands the financial advice available to a family beyond the industry accepted approach used by most advisors today.  We know if you can communicate with your clients so they truly understand your solutions they will, in turn, be better able to trust your advice.  Click here to learn more.

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