Circle of Wealth® + Production Accelerator Course
$199/mo for 24 months
- 2-year Subscription to Circle of Wealth®
- Desktop Software
- Web-based Software
- Two-day Kick-Start Training in Atlanta
- Production Accelerator Course (online course)
- PRO Level Member Resources
- Integrated System Help & Training

(Single payment available saves $800)
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I'm a new member since January & I'm on track to triple my life premium this year.
- Bob B., St. Charles, MI
I thought I already had a spectacular retirement practice. Circle of Wealth® has redefine everything I do and know to a level I never imagined!
- Kathy C, Naples, FL
We went from mediocre to more than a million in life premium these past 2 years.
- Matt C., Toledo, OH
About MoneyTrax, Inc.
MoneyTrax, Inc. offers unparalleled integration of advisor training and client facing software to help your clients understand life insurance and other financial products. The company was founded in 1994 by Don Blanton and has gained national recognition for its unique financial planning approach, intuitive client presentation software, advanced training, and effective marketing tools. The Circle of Wealth® is a system that significantly improves the level and quality of communication between financial advisors and their clients. The system is a proven combination of a 10-step client consultation process and an extensive suite of supporting software applications. The 10-step client process covers an entire engagement from the first meeting through the implementation of recommendations. The process is carefully sequenced to ensure clients understand the unique value a Circle of Wealth® advisor delivers.