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Basic Training School

Price: $1 000.00

About our Basic Training School:

Watch this Video to hear why you don’t want to miss this training!  

Having the right Tools and Training is imperative to your success.  Your clients have complex issues they face when it comes to their money and you can solve those issues ... but can your clients truly understand your advice? At this training, you will learn how to communicate with your clients so they can truly understand your solutions and in-turn they will better trust your advice. Then your clients will not only "want" to do business with you, they will also be engaged and follow you through the planning process. 

Our Basic Training School will teach you our proven 10-Step sales process and show you how the Circle of Wealth® system can help you find money for your clients and ultimately yourself.  Whether you own our system or not, the training you receive will give you something say and the confidence to say it.   

See below for more about what you will learn at this training.  This training is for both current licensees and prospective users of the Circle of Wealth® system.  

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What You will Learn:

  • Learn what to say when asked: "what do you do" that will get prospects excited to meet with you. 
  • Learn how to answer the 4 most important questions anyone serious about their finances should know in less than 10 minutes.  
  • How different investment vehicle types work and the effects of taxable, tax-deferred and tax free investments. 
  • Five areas you must master to 'find money' for your clients. 
  • How to prove that cash-value permanent life insurance can be a viable and effective retirement funding tool. 
  • Learn the difference between a Debtor, Saver & 'Wealth Creator' and the presentation that walks your client through how to become a Wealth Creator.  This one presentation will double your sales
  • How to build a 100% referral business. 
  • One step you may be leaving out that could improve your closing ratio by 50%. 
  • A simple pictorial model that will help you communicate how ones financial security is impacted by the balance or lack of balance between ones current lifestyle needs and desires and the requirements of saving and investing for their future lifestyle. 
  • How discussing life insurance from a “Wants” perspective rather than a “Needs” position will have your prospect wanting to purchase all the coverage the insurance company will issue. 
  • Why death benefit and access to capital in a life insurance policy should be the primary focus with the tax treatment and internal rate of return secondary. 
  • See a communication tool that will allow you to show all your clients assets on one page, all at different interest rates and different tax brackets. 
  • How to compare two strategies side by side and illustrate the differences between the two. 
  • And much more.

Additional Information About the Training:
  Detailed Agenda & How To Prepare


  • $1000 First Time Attendees That Do Not Own the System including agents, office staff, and guests.
  • $750 First Time Attendees with a current Circle of Wealth® License
  • $500 Repeat Attendees with a current Circle of Wealth® License.  These are attendees who have previously attended a basic training school.

By Registering You Agree To The Following:

  • Lunch or dinner will be provided each day (depending on class times).
  • Other meals, accommodation, and travel expenses are your responsibility.
  • No registration at the door, you must pre-register online (see below).
  • Dress is business casual - No Denim / All shirts must have collars.

Cancellation/No-Show Policy:
Due to the per-person costs associated with set-up for our live training courses, we must enforce the following refund policy: Store Credit will be given that can be used for a different training and/or any other MoneyTrax product or service. Cancellation within ten (10) days of the start date incurs a $100 service fee.

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